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DIY Unicorn Planter

DIY Unicorn Planter


  •  Clay pot
  •  White spray paint
  •  Black sharpie pen
  •  Gold glitter paper
  •  Pink marker
  •  Hot glue gun
  •  Paper flowers
  •  Succulent  plant
  •  White rocks


  1.     Spray paint the clay pot white.
  2.     Once dry, draw eye lashes on the pot with black sharpie.
  3.     With the pink marker, draw on two circles for the rosy cheeks! ;)
  4.     With a hot glue gun, glue the paper flowers around the top of the planter to make a flower crown.
  5.     Make a unicorn horn with the gold glitter paper. Next, glue the horn on the inside of pot, leaving the horn sticking out of the center of the floral crown.
  6.     Plant a succulent plant inside and add the white rocks.

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